The possibilities of having lucrative careers as technical professionals have become so large that students want to explore the opportunity from a very young age. Hence, now students are looking for courses where they can complete their entire course of pursuing a degree and by the time they come out of their institution they'll be doing so with exponential growth and a lot of practical knowledge and skills. Students are looking for courses that are not only rewarding monetarily but also require less investments from their end while they pursue their degree. No wonder that the integrated MBA program has gained so much popularity in no time - providing ample opportunities for future career prospects along with lesser investments.

The Integrated MBA program is designed in a fashion that it extends up to five years and students can get themselves enrolled in the course right after passing their Class 12. So students who wish to pursue business management and make a career out of it can directly opt for the integrated MBA course instead of doing some other course or BBA and later opting for the two year MBA course. This five years of integrated course starts to enhance the managerial skills and knowledge based on ethical considerations right from the start of the course and students acquire a lot of knowledge in the field right from the onset of the course in their first year of study.

The three major advantages of pursuing an Integrated MBA course are:

  • 1) There are several added advantages for the students who wish to pursue the Integrated course in MBA as the syllabus of this five year program has no repetitions and is uniquely created to ensure that all the courses and the subjects differ at each stage but are intertwined with each other. Students who will be doing BBA will find several common aspects, similarities, and repetitions when they opt for the masters program in business management.
  • 2) This programme also ensures that a lot of time and expenses are saved on the candidates' part as they need to appear for any kind of entrance examination or selection procedure twice at their undergraduate and postgraduate level. This saves an entire year for the aspirants of Business management who spend almost a year preparing for their entrance examination. Instead those who opt for the Integrated MBA program, they will not have to prepare for an additional examination after completion of their graduation.
  • 3) Students pursuing an Integrated MBA course will develop a comprehensive understanding of all the fundamentals and basic concepts of business management right from the start of their journey right after Class 12. They will not have to wait for their graduation to get over to get well acquainted with the concepts. They will also have the opportunity to pursue any of their chosen areas of specialization easily in this program which is difficult in case of a usual program.

There are five key differences that exist between the two programs offered by several of the institutes in India. The two programs still coexist to make it easier for the students to choose a program that fits them the best. The differences that one need to consider before choosing a course of their choice include:

1) Any graduate from any stream of study can apply for an MBA program after their graduation whereas candidates can apply for an Integrated MBA program right after completing their Class 12.

2) The duration of the general MBA course is for 2 years while the time duration for the Integrated MBA program extends for a period of 5 years as it ideally integrates the BBA program with the MBA program together to form an integrated course.

3) The candidates might find it difficult to choose their specialisation when they are doing their usual MBA course. They have to make this choice in their second year. Whereas, in case of Integrated MBA the students are well aware about all the fundamentals of the core subjects like Finance, HR, MIS and the like and hence it becomes easier for them to choose and enhance their skills in their chosen field, helping them scale up faster making job prospects become more for them.

4) The usual MBA program helps to enhance the managerial skills of the candidates making them capable of taking up any managerial level jobs after the course. In the case of Integrated MBA, the candidates are fully moulded right from the start to make them ready for the industry with cultivating skills like managerial skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills, and decision making skills.

5) The students doing an usual MBA course will only get a year to prepare before they get their placement opportunities while the students from the Integrated MBA program will get approximately 3 to 4 years to prepare themselves thoroughly for placement opportunities.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) conducts its entrance examination as the national aptitude test every year with several aspiring candidates appearing for it. This aptitude test helps in the admission of the five year Integrated program for business management. The admission procedure focuses on the IPM Aptitude test, followed by the Written Ability Test (WAT), and Personal Interview (PI).

The Integrated Program in Management (IPM) has a unique course structure designed by IIM to provide a holistic development of the students rather than only helping them develop managerial skills. The program is designed in a fashion that all the usual graduate programs cannot match this integrated program's standard.

There are several reasons why the integrated MBA programme of IIMS has gained so much popularity in recent times. Despite the IPM test being rigorous and candidates requiring to have a base of some essential concepts - this programme opens the gateway to amazing future opportunities for students' careers. The brand name and the value that the name of IIM holds is itself gives a big push to all the students' careers helping them head start their careers with a boom. Some of the other reasons apart from the brand name that makes the Integrated MBA program of IIM the best are as follows:

1) The course provides a multidimensional approach:

The whole of 5 years is divided into two separate parts of 3 years and 2 years. The first years are devoted towards ensuring that the foundations are clear and are rock solid and are embedded well in the students. These basic fundamentals are imparted to the students with precision. The basic concepts imparted include a good understanding of subjects of humanities like philosophy, psychology, mathematics, and economics. The next two years follow the course that the usual general MBA students follow after appearing for CAT. The reason behind creating a base with humanities subjects is to ensure that the students of Integrated MBA course develop behavioural skills and give equal weightage to their EQ as to their IQ. This base work makes them socially conscious about the current happenings of the world and its implications too. The entire five year time span is designed in a manner that enhances analytical skills of the students via the subjects of mathematics and economics while the other subjects help the students become managers who have impeccable listening skills and understand nuances of behaviour of employee and customers, helping them take a proper decision. This opens up the multi dimensional developmental prospects for all the students.

2) Brightest minds of the country helps with building of perspectives:

As you also come across several like minded people in this environment who are the pillars of tomorrow and the brightest minds of the country, you will be learning a lot from each of them. The peer groups, seniors, faculty members, guest lecturers - all of them add immense value in your all round development right from your first year after class 12. This will not only broaden your mindset but open new perspectives for you, bringing forth several dimensions of life visible in front of you.The guest lecturers that come to speak to the budding future success stars, come from different arenas, industries and government departments. This diverse line of guest lecturers not only help boost the morale of the students but also help students form newer opinions on different subjects. Alongside, the students learn the practise of unlearning their older beliefs and acquiring newer ones by being a part of this continuous process of building and making space for newer perspectives.

3) Opportunity for partaking in social internships:

As most of the students do not get enough time to engage in any kind of social activities during and after their class 12, the Integrated MBA course from IIM compels students to get the much required exposure. They provide the students with the opportunity to understand the working culture and ethics by making the students take part in Social Internships right after they complete their first year. The student is supposed to undergo several internships to ensure that they are exposed to the work culture they will be a part of in the upcoming times. Students from this course can also go for sabbatical for a maximum period of two years and gain experience, earn, and see the practical field.

4) Take part in foreign exchange programmes:

As the Integrated course provides a rigorous extensive development of the students, they push students to go for foreign exchange programs to get a wider exposure. Not many programs apart from the Integrated MBA programme at IIM have such facilities for the students. The students are made to enhance their interaction skills with people of different universities all across Europe, Brazil, and Taiwan. These programs not only enhance the communication and interpersonal skills of the students, but within the three to five months of stay abroad, the student also develops newer perspectives and understanding procedures. Only the best students who prove fit for these programmes get a chance to be a part of it, and not all students will get an opportunity for it.

5) Campus Placements:

One of the best aspects of undergoing the Integrated course at IIM is their campus placements that allow the students to be recruited by the top most companies at a package that is at par with that of PGP or PGDM. So there is no discrimiantion or differentiation between the general MBA students or those who have pursued the Integrated MBA course. Moreover, many companies might give preference to the candidates who have been completely moulded by IIM right from the start which gives them a way ahead from the general MBA candidates in most cases.

The Integrated MBA course at IIM helps to build and shape students right from scratch. So, even when the students do not have mathematics and management in Class 11 and 12 - they will still be given a fair chance along with all other aspirants. They will only be required to prove their merit in the admission test and interviews. So if you’re someone, still in your high school and determined about making a management career and sure about it, then you should definitely consider the Integrated MBA course offered at IIM. This is not only the most premium of the Integrated MBA courses all across the country, it is also affordable and reasonable. This course guarantees creating students who are fit to be leaders and not just managers. Hence, if you are yet to make up your mind, you should definitely give IPM at IIM a shot.