10 Reasons to Opt for a BBA course

Always felt that the only way to kick-start your career in management happens in post-graduation? Well, let us break your bubble and tell you how you can start developing the most crucial management skills right after your class 12. If you’re a management aspirant and want to acquire the skills needed in the management domain, then Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the best undergraduate courses. Be it the world facing a global crisis, or the economy constantly booming – the need for professional managers in the field of business will always be on the rise. And to build a reputation in the business world as a manager, a course like BBA can come handy.

Several students think of it as the easy course that you can take up in your undergraduates to sail through the three years while others take up getting influenced by their peer groups – yet, what is ironical is the fact that taking BBA because of these two reasons is like following the wrong roads but landing in the correct destination.

BBA follows the trajectory of imparting knowledge regarding several key aspects of management like sales, marketing, strategy management and the like. Soft skill development, business communication, finance, and economics also covers a huge aspect of BBA. The skills that one learns during their BBA course, sets the foundation for a future MBA programme.

So the real question lies in the fact that, do you need to do BBA only for the sake of setting a base for doing MBA? Or are there other factors that make this course unique on its own? These are the 10 reasons that will help you consider joining a BBA course:

BBA is an entirely professional degree that intrigues students about getting careers in business and management. Obtaining a BBA degree helps the students to get placed in good companies. BBA degree holders are said to have the highest employment rate as compared to other bachelor degrees in the field. It also makes us eligible to pursue higher studies in business management since BBA is the main foundation for pursuing Masters of Business Management that focuses on the leadership and management part of running the company. Students can also opt for other Master’s programs such as Masters of Business Economics (which offers knowledge about quantitative techniques and applied concepts in macroeconomics and microeconomics), Masters in Economics, etc. Many top universities (like IIM Indore) offer five-year integrated MBA + BBA courses.

The BBA degree is not just about getting a degree for the job you want. Most degrees are theoretical-based especially the bachelor’s degree but BBA degrees are a combination of theory, personality development and practical knowledge application. Students also get to learn various skills that will make them a good professional in business and management and also help them in getting jobs by gaining experience with relevant and applicable information. Due to the nature of the degree, students can end up working directly with the sales, marketing, operation or strategic team. This leads to excellent exposure to strategic decisions making, market trends, etc. Students are also able to develop market-relevant skills with the help of the BBA curriculum.

After getting enrolled for a BBA degree, a vast array of subjects will be covered by the course directors that can help build the students into knowledgeable professionals and provide them with various options for pursuing a career. The different disciplines covered in a BBA degree are marketing, accounting, human resources management, strategic management, human resources management, and organizational behaviour. Important subjects like finance and economics are also thoroughly taught in this course. As both soft skills and core skills are touched upon in BBA, it becomes easier to just enhance them when the student gets a chance to do an MBA degree.

As the rock solid foundation is built right from the start, the students with BBA degree are always at an advantage compared to others when it comes to making practical use of their management skills. They will also be quick to grasp the aspects of management in their MBA degree, making it easier for them to stand out of the crowd. Receiving a BBA degree can help an individual to get a high salary, coupled with excellent benefits, which is one of the main goals of most professionals. With this degree, one can get access to the best managerial and administrative professions where the salary and benefits are extremely good. Individuals also receive promotions much faster, and when they change their companies, they can get a pay increase as well, depending on their negotiation skills.

There are many ways a BBA degree helps in an individual’s personal growth and development. It gives them confidence, makes the person understand the personal code of behaviour and ethics as these programs require the student to be punctual, submits assignments before deadline, performs numerous activities and gives presentations as a team. This also in term teaches them time management. Universities teaching BBA courses aim at providing the market with self-sufficient individuals who can make prudent decisions without hesitation. This curriculum helps the students to be self-aware and independent by giving them enough opportunities to evaluate their performance and receive feedback for the same. Once an individual starts with their BBA course, they are slowly required to come out of their comfort zone and ensure they never enter it again. This helps them prepare for the dynamic business world once they start facing the challenges.

Since BBA happens to be a professional degree, the individuals who face the challenges positively and graduate to start working on their own in the business professional world tend to have an excellent network of friends/ acquaintances working in different companies sometimes, even around the world. Having these connections can help the student to look for better job opportunities, higher salary and overall better networking possibilities. In return, the individual can also in turn help others to do the same. One of the biggest advantages of getting this degree is that the individual can start their career much earlier than others. So, they have more time to meet with professionals and build a network with them and other good companies. In the business world, having a proper network of people can also create better circumstances for the particular individual and help them achieve greater goals.

A BBA degree is a lot more affordable than any other MBA degree and other business-related graduation courses. Even though it is 3 years long, it turns out it is not an expensive degree to achieve. Once it is towards the end, the student gets the complete value for the money that they have invested as they may get high paying jobs with additional benefits. One of the most important factors that an individual thinks about is the pay scale. A BBA graduate can receive up to a median salary package of Rs 4-5 lakhs per annum. When it comes to the course fee, the BBA course is offered at a much lesser cost compared to engineering and medical courses and therefore, the return of investment is quite satisfactory.

In the professional business world, updated knowledge is one of the best advantages to have, and that can be received with a BBA degree. The BBA course is a well-designed course that particularly aims to teach students as much as possible about the hardships, challenges and upcoming trends in the business world outside. The course is always required to be updated according to the latest trends and developments in the industry, thus providing the students with a distinct advantage from the rest. Starting from best industry practices to the use of advanced technology to make work easier, BBA students are better equipped with the required knowledge. The syllabus for BBA tends to focus on the theoretical point of view as well as the practical aspects of business and management in the work lifestyle. The syllabus is mainly designed and updated quite regularly, also keeping in mind the latest upcoming trends in technology and requirements of the business industry. Due to the genuine universal appeal of the course, the demand of BBA graduates will always be more than others as management is a very important function to the businesses which falls under the practical knowledge of the BBA course. Even if it is a small business, proper management cannot be eliminated or neglected from the syllabus.

When an individual applies for a BBA degree in any college or university of their choice, they are more or less crystal clear about which path they want to follow in their future as they are selecting to get into business administration and management from the very beginning. Thus, they are in the field of their choice and preference which automatically provides them with job satisfaction. Most people spend their lives doing jobs they might have no genuine interest in but this is not the case for students who take up exactly what they want to study, in this case, the BBA degree, which helps them build their work-life around it. Job satisfaction also greatly affects one’s outlook and mental stability as individuals who work jobs that they selected for themselves usually never end up getting stressed if the work pressure is more than usual sometimes. Job satisfaction also helps the person to have a better work ethic that can, in turn, help them get better jobs with a higher salary which is the ultimate goal of most working individuals

BBA is not only limited to classroom learning of just theoretical knowledge. It provides the students with ample opportunities to develop hard skills as well as soft skills. The individuals learn a lot about managerial skills, their decision-making, and communication. The BBA curriculum is specially designed according to the business industry’s requirements and expectations, which gives all individuals pursuing this degree, a chance to explore the sales, marketing, and operation fields. Students are exposed to many domains, due to the frequent industry visits, case presentations, and internships, they slowly understand the professional environment and develop a better personality. BBA is a professional degree and due to the constant exposure, it provides good networking opportunities, which helps the students later on in finding high salary job opportunities and connecting with like-minded people in the professional world.

If you want to take slow and steady steps to climb up the ladder that leads you directly into the management sector, BBA will be the first rung of the ladder that you will climb. With proper industry oriented training knitted with practical and theoretical skill enhancement opportunities, BBA always helps to open the doorways for your management career from the very start. So, if you ever feel that this course can add no value to your skill development and knowledge, then you will surely be proven wrong the minute you get enrolled and start off with your course.

Be it wishing to be the business scion, wanting to help your mother out with her art business, or just designing websites – all of these will require you to have a business aspect involved with it. But with the BBA course, your efficacy, efficiency, productivity, and performance will be at the highest levels helping you level up and be a massive boost for your career in the business world.